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Keep your eyes on the government

Legal advertising in community newspapers gives local residents advance “public notice” of action our state legislators and other government officials plan in our communities.

As residents, we should remember that when a legal ad runs in our local newspaper, government officials  are planning an action that will impact us. It might be a public meeting to discuss a new industrial development in our community, plans for a new highway through the neighborhood, spending on programs you oppose, the sale of family, friends’ or neighbors’ property for back taxes or just changes to regulations and laws that impact our daily lives.

As elected representatives, most legislators support public notice and welcome feedback from the citizens of their district.

However, there are some legislators who apparently view public feedback as a nuisance. They want to eliminate and reduce public notice, or restrict it to a government website where we will have to go search each day to see what government plans will impact our lives and our communities.

Email your legislators and tell them to leave legal advertising and public notice alone. Show them you are watching and tell them you do want to stay informed of their plans and actions. Find your legislator’s email and contact information at

This editorial was distributed by the West Virginia Press Association. This commentary should be considered another point of view and not necessarily the opinion or editorial policy of The Dominion Post.