About the Dominion Post

The West Virginia Newspaper Publishing Company is dedicated to providing the best quality journalism to our community.

At The Dominion Post, we publish products that our readers and advertisers find informative, useful, accurate, reliable and enjoyable.

We are committed to progress, tradition, integrity, growth, excellence, and maintaining our place as the dominant news media in Monongalia and Preston counties.

Our History

The Dominion Post traces its history back to March 12, 1864, when “The Morgantown Weekly Post” was founded, and to April 11, 1876, when “The New Dominion” began weekly publication. “The New Dominion” became the county’s first daily paper on September 7, 1897. “The Morgantown Evening Post” was established as a daily paper on December 8, 1899.

The owners of “The New Dominion” chose the name to reflect their conclusion that, since Virginia was the Old Dominion, West Virginia should be the New Dominion.

In 1924, “The New Dominion” consolidated its operations in a new building at the corner of Chestnut and Kirk streets, sharing quarters with Morgantown Printing and Binding Company. In 1930, “The New Dominion” became “The Dominion News” and was published Tuesday through Saturday until it was merged in 1973 with the “Morgantown Post”, which was an afternoon paper. “The Dominion Post” shifted to a morning paper in 1979.

Early in the 1900’s, “The New Dominion” and the “Morgantown Post” formed a third company, the West Virginia Newspaper Publishing Company, which held title to the mechanical plant. The papers shared the printing plant, but kept separate editorial offices until the move to its present location in 1968.

In 1923, Col. H.C. Greer became the owner and publisher of the “Morgantown Post”. He constructed a new building on Elk Street, just off of Spruce Street, for a new printing plant and editorial office for the “Post”. Col. Greer, one of Morgantown’s best-known businessmen, died August 5, 1948. His wife, Agnes Jane Reeves Greer, recognized locally and nationally for her business skills, continued to operate their businesses, including the newspapers, radio, steel, and limestone until her death on October 21, 1972.

The Dominion Post remains a family-owned business today operated by grandsons, John and David.