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Trinity soccer team focuses on fundamentals in camp as season edges closer

MORGANTOWN — The Trinity co-ed soccer team is under way in their preparations for the upcoming soccer season.

Head coach of the group, Dan Lohmann, voiced his excitement just to be back on the pitch.

“We’re very focused on what we are doing and trying to build as a program together. Any game, especially at this point, we’re going to be excited to play. We did the three-week period and now we’re in the preseason. I think it’s just going to be exciting to get out there and start getting matches under our belt.”

The Warriors were mainly focused on their fundamentals during their three-week practices, ranging from first-touch drills to individual defensive sessions.

“It’s not very different than a number of coaches are doing with any number of sports, but we really wanted to hone in on some basics. The sorts of things we can break down into a smaller group setting and just try to get as many touches on the ball as we possibly can with these kids,” Lohmann said.

His philosophy with the team will be built upon their defense and possession, which aligns with the strategy of most successful soccer teams.

“Instead of just clearing it down the field, we want to try to build out of the back and when there is trouble just get rid of it and go ahead and just get it out of trouble. We also want to be building out of the back more so than try to play the ball long,” he said.

The team is a well-distributed mix of classes, including four seniors, and received high praise from Lohmann on their ability to adapt and learn with open minds. He also holds high hopes this will only continue as they begin to expand out of fundamental training when the pre-season arrives.

“They’re great kid; this is an absolutely fantastic group of kids. They’re very receptive and open to coaching, so we feel very comfortable with being able to get things done in practice and being able to move along quickly,” he said.

Among the team are senior Gabe Turak and junior Kyle Knight, who play striker and midfielder, respectively.

“[Gabe] has great awareness, very good finisher, has great touch and he’ll play a lot up at the top. [Kyle] understands how to distribute and when to go forward. He also has a very-high soccer IQ,” Lohnmann said.

Also on the coed team is Katrina Hyde, an upcoming senior who plays in the midfield. Her excitement for this season is different from the past and according to her, it comes down to one trait.

“There’s been a huge difference already and I’ve noticed it in myself, too, just a lot more confidence in playing. [Lomann] is a great coach and has already helped everyone on the team grow just in this three-week period.” she said.

The Warriors will begin their season at home Saturday against Magnolia.

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