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New Years Eve celebratory boxes

A perfect surprise if you are planning a virtual NYE party


Family gatherings and holiday events canceled or switched to virtual get-togethers make this holiday season tough for many.

 Zoom, Facebook rooms, FaceTime and other video apps have been great for keeping in touch with loved ones and keeping careers moving.

 While virtual meet-ups might feel stale by now, pepping them up can still make use of technology to celebrate the end of 2020 while safely at home.

 Those who usually host New Year’s Eve parties can still host this year by DIYing a virtual party. Or groups of friends can divvy up party tasks, so all participate, making the last day of this year a good one.

 To act as the host this year, put together party boxes, and deliver or mail them to friends you would normally invite to celebrate NYE with you.

 Items to include in a party box: 

  • Cookies or other home- baked goods 
  • DIY confetti poppers 
  • 2020 bingo 
  • Fill in “best 2020 moments” list 
  • Midnight Hershey’s kiss 
  • Small bottle of champagne (for local deliveries) 

Other items you’d normally use to make your party special 

 Here are two variations on making your own confetti poppers.

To make your own confetti poppers, you will need: 

  •  Toilet paper rolls 
  • Crepe paper/tissue paper or balloons 
  • Glue or tape 
  • Confetti (which you can also DIY) 
  • Twine and ribbons 

 The first style is a snap to make and use — decorate toilet paper rolls festively, cut the neck off balloons and stretch the remainder over one end of the toilet paper rolls. Secure balloons with tape to the toilet paper rolls.

 Fill each toilet paper roll with confetti. To send the confetti flying out at midnight, hold the roll with one hand, and stretch the balloon out with the other — let it snap back into place. The force will send confetti flying.

 If including this type of popper in your DIY party boxes, consider putting the confetti in a bag, so your guests can fill the poppers.

 To make another type of popper, cut the toilet paper roll in half. Cut crepe paper or three layers of tissue paper to 10 inches by 10 inches. Using double-sided tape, secure both halves of the toilet paper roll (consecutively, as if not cut) to the center of one edge of the paper. Roll the roll tightly in the paper, and tape at the end.

 Using twine, tie one side of the paper snugly against at the end of the roll — this will leave some paper flaring out. From the other end, fill with confetti. Tie the second end securely, as the first. Tie ribbon around the twine for added decoration.

 To use this popper, simply tear it open, and let the confetti burst out.

 Make your own 2020 bingo sheets by creating a grid of five spaces vertically and horizontally. Customize the game for your friends, but consider options such as “canceled vacation,” “stocked up on toilet paper,” “rearrange your furniture,” “learned to bake bread,” “acquired houseplants” and “started rationing something.” 

 To help your friends reflect positively, include a fill in the blank “best moments of 2020” list. While you can’t mail alcohol, if you are personally delivering your party boxes, include a mini bottle of champagne for your guests.

 For those attending a virtual party, DIY a cute background to sit in front of — this will help make group screenshots more special. Hand-colored paper ornaments — make them by crimping four pieces of paper and fanning them open to make a circle. Glue edges together. Make in different colors and sizes, and hang as a collage.

 If you don’t want to craft, arrange poinsettias or other plants or holiday items behind a comfy place to sit. Get out a champagne flute, get dressed up, and party safely at home.

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