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Area offers many opportunities to continue your creative education

Whether you explore the arts as a hobby, as a viewer, or as a working artist, there are opportunities to continue education, build your network and expand your skill set. Morgantown offers a variety of workshops, instructional classes and single-session craft events for locals and artists alike. Explore the following educational options below to get involved in our community and enhance your creative practice.

Morgantown Dance

Offering a variety of dance classes since 1991 is Morgantown Dance, located at 5000 Green Bag Road. While Morgantown Dance does offer numerous youth classes and productions, adults are still encouraged to explore their creative expression with the adult ballet and tap classes they provide. Fall registration for Morgantown Dance is open to the public, so visit to explore the classes they have to offer.

Morgantown Community Music Program

The West Virginia University (WVU) School of Music offers the Morgantown Community Music Program to individuals of all ages in the Greater Morgantown Area. Pursue your love for musical performance and other artistic topics with classes like Morgantown Community Orchestra, Digital photography, Traditional Appalachian Guitar and more! Tuition prices very depending on class selection, with registration ending Oct. 30. Visit to learn more about the Morgantown Community Music Program.

Arthurdale Heritage

The historical site of Arthurdale Heritage is a center for cultural and historical information, and they now offer creative classes and events. Beginning Sept. 22, Arthurdale Heritage will be offering Creative Writing classes for individuals ages 16 and up. Tuition for the classes is $125 and will include craft discussions, generative readings and the optional sharing of work. For more information, visit https://arthurdale

Morgantown artist feature

Continuing her education with WVU’s School of Art and Design is local artist, Alexis Wilkinson. Alexis is studying painting and religious studies as she enters her senior year. Her works primarily feature colorful depictions of wildlife like moths and butterflies. You can catch Alexis setting up shop during the Morgantown Arts Walks, with the next Arts Walk taking place on Sept. 10 at 11 a.m. in downtown Morgantown. Contact Alexis and view more of her works through her social media (@mothraart).

Get connected to the creative community

The Arts Council of Greater Morgantown (ACGM) is your local resource for arts information and opportunities. Here at the ACGM, we aim to advance the arts and enhance the community by encouraging investment in imagination, infrastructure, and invention. Please check out our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theArtsCouncilofGreaterMorgantown.

Want to stay connected? Email to be added to the ACGM Creative Network mailing list! Also, donations to advance the Arts Council can be made through the donation tab located at