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DIY: Egg Carton Crafts

Entertain your kids with these fun cardboard creations


 Cooler and wetter weather setting in is time for entertaining kiddos indoors. Crafting with children of any age, using materials you already have around your house can make creativity together effortless.

 With cardboard egg cartons, you can make décor items for a

youthful bedroom.

 To make hanging mermaids (which can be used as décor or a toy) you will need:

  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • Colored craft paper

Gather your materials. Cut the circular areas of the egg carton out — the bowls where eggs sit. Keep as much of the sides of the compartments as you can while cutting off the uneven areas.

Cut at least six cups for each mermaid — more to make a longer tail.

 Paint the outside of all the cut compartments. Three or more colors in the same group looks most interesting. Alternatively, paint one background color on all with scales over top.

While the paint dries, cut from construction or other colored paper a fin for the base of the tail and the body, hair and bra or bodice if desired. Don’t worry too much about cutting realistic hands for these dolls. Tapering the arm off looks whimsical, while trying to cut the shape of hands can end up looking messy.

When picking colors, keep in mind that these can be fanciful — try bright colors complimenting or contrasting with the colors you chose for the tail.

Glue the mermaid’s hair and bodice on to her body. Keep these components simple or use paint, markers or pencils to add some detail.

Once the tail sections (of the egg carton) are dry, poke a small hole in the center.

Cut a piece of string 12-14 inches long (longer if making an extra long tail for your mermaid). Tie a double knot about two inches from one end of the string.

Slide your first egg carton cup onto the string, such that the knot is inside the cup. About an inch above tie another knot (closer if you cut very shallow cups — you want them to slightly overlap).

Repeat until all your cups are on the string. When stacking them on the string, if you painted them with multiple shades, consider the order of the colors.

Glue the paper fin onto the tail. If you want to hide the string, cut two fin pieces and glue them together with the string in between.

Glue the top end of the string to the back of the mermaid’s body. Tie a loop at the top of the string if you want to hang the doll as décor. Again, if you want to hide the string simply cut a copy of the body and hair and sandwich the string in between.

Using the same method and materials you can also make fish to hang or play with in a DIY fishing game. Paint and stack a few of the pointer sections of the egg cartons to make a dress, and just add legs, shoulders, arms, a head with hair and wings to make a fairy doll.

 From one egg carton, you and your kiddo could make each of these options for a fun at home activity.

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