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Westover caretaker charged with forgery, financial exploitation

WESTOVER — A Westover woman was arrested earlier this month after allegedly financially exploiting an elderly woman she was taking care of.

On Aug.13, a 96-year-old woman and her daughter reported fraud to the Granville Police Department after discovering 16 checks missing from the elderly woman’s checkbook, according to a criminal complaint filed by Granville Detective Sgt. R.R. Kerns.

In the complaint, Kerns said after looking into the matter, the women discovered all of the missing checks had been made out to Delores Matheny, 61, who was the victim’s caretaker.

The total amount for these checks was $30,825 and dated back to July 2020.

On Aug. 16, the victim returned to the Granville station with 125 more checks that she claimed had been forged by Matheny or that Matheny had “tricked” her into writing, the complaint said.  

The amount of those checks reached about $59,000 and were being cashed as far back as 2015.  The complaint stated all these checks had also been made out to Matheny, making the total amount stolen from the victim to be around $90,000.

A preliminary hearing for Matheny is set for Dec. 8. She is charged with forgery, fraudulent schemes and financial exploitation of an elderly person. She was released on $30,000 bond. 

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