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Main Street Kingwood’s Business Trick or Treat

William Wotring/ The Dominion Post
Ashley Burnside dressed as Luigi, Beckett as Mario, Hadlee as Yoshi and Bo Beckett as Bowser receive candy from the Inn during the business trick or treat in Kingwood on Thursday.

KINGWOOD — Downtown Kingwood was packed with costumed children and unusual decorations Thursday evening.

A two-headed, fire breathing dragon guarded the entrance to Designs by Dee. Further down the street, a gigantic vampire pointed the way to the Preston Community Arts Center (PCAC) and the promise of treats.

This year, a number of businesses signed up to participate in Main Street Kingwood’s Business Trick or Treat event.

Raquel Deloach said she decided to dress as a princess to hand out treats at PCAC. “I teach these kids,” she said with a smile. “I don’t want to scare them away.”

Bob Riffle, owner of Creative Creations, said he was expecting a larger number of children this year than last year. “I think we had about 500 last year,” he said.

Attorney Aaron Yoho said he too had about 500 children for trick or treat last year. “This is our third year to participate,” he said.

Dee and Terry Hartman at Designs by Dee said they were prepared. Dee, dressed as a witch, greeted the children trick or treating at her shop with a cauldron filled with candy.

Kathy Williams at Studio C Photography said she ran out of candy last year. “We’re prepared for four hundred and fifty this year,” she said.

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