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Republican J.B. McCuskey well ahead of Democrat Teresa Toriseva for campaign finances in attorney general race

MORGANTOWN — Republican state auditor J.B. McCuskey will face Democratic Wheeling attorney Teresa Toriseva in the race for attorney general in November.

Both entered the general election season with small campaign accounts for running a statewide race — but McCuskey won an expensive primary and was still well ahead of Toriseva in money terms, according to their 2nd Quarter finance reports, covering April 29-June 30.

McCuskey defeated state Senator and former U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart in the primary. Reflecting West Virginia’s turn from blue to red back in 2014, McCuskey tallied more votes (117,263) than Toriseva and her Democratic primary rival combined (95,836). And Stuart received more votes (78,745) than Toriseva (50,480).


McCuskey raised $57,423.20 during the second quarter and spent $296,639.75, leaving a campaign account balance of $21,133.81 to enter the July-September quarter.

His year-to-date totals were $1,128,710.26 raised and $1,119,658.50 spent. He donated $120,927.92 of his own money to his campaign.

Stuart had a tighter budget to work with. During the quarter, he raised $20,775.42 and lent his campaign $38,073.65.

He spent $71,655.98 and repaid $83,900 worth of prior loans. That left his account balance $3,589.77 in the red.

Year-to-date, he donated $411.52 to his campaign and lent it a total of $118,107.87 — with $34,207.87 in loans still outstanding. Additionally, he raised $133,951.45. His spending for the entire season was $169,060.88.


Fundraising and spending on the Democrat side more resembled a state Legislature race.

Toriseva raised $5,556.72 during the second quarter and spent $6,035.36, leaving a balance of $1,592.63 entering the third quarter.

Year-to-date, she raised $37,019.01 and spent $31,403.48. She donated $4,058.98 to her campaign.

He opponent, South Charleston attorney and former Mayor Richie Robb, raised nothing during the quarter and spent $135.44, leaving a balance of $561.19.

Year-to-date, he raised $4,344.92 — with $2,297.46 of that coming from himself — and spent $1,742.28.

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