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DOH announces road-paving projects using $150M in surplus funds; Mon, Preston, Marion listed here

MORGANTOWN — The state Division of Highways has released a list of road-paving projects planned, using $150 million in surplus funds appropriated by the Legislature during its May special session.

The $150 million supplemental budget appropriation will be used exclusively for paving projects in every district in the state, Gov. Jim Justice said in a release announcing the list of projects. The appropriation will pay for 499 paving projects on more than 973 miles of road that aren’t covered by $190 million in federal highway funds the state also has received.

Justice said, “With federal funds only stretching so far, this additional $150 million means our hardworking Division of Highways crew can roll up their sleeves and tackle even more roads. I am beyond proud we got this across the finish [line], and I thank the West Virginia Legislature for prioritizing our roads. Now, we can keep the momentum going and continue to improve every corner of our state.”

Since 2017, the Legislature has appropriated more than $816 million of surplus funds for DOH work.

Joe Pack, DOH chief engineer of operations and District 1 engineer, said the funding will resurface roads that might otherwise have taken years to get to. “These projects will also reduce future maintenance costs in patching these roadways. This will allow WVDOH maintenance forces to focus on other maintenance issues around the state.”

Since 2020, surplus budget appropriations have paved 3,812 miles of road above and beyond those paved with federal highway funds.

Here is the list of projects for Monongalia, Preston and Marion counties — all in District 4. Listed are the route number, mileage, road name and estimated cost.


  • Mon County 119/6, 1.29 miles, Cobun Creek Road, $215,000
  • Mon County 36/2, 1.05 miles, Opekiska Ridge; plus 38/2, 1.64 miles, Opekiska Ridge; $290,000
  • Mon County 19/3, 1.46 miles, Dawson Road, $245,000
  • Mon County 61/8, 0.3 mile, Parkview Drive; 61/9, 0.36 mile, Parkview Drive; (Headlee Avenue); 61/11, 0.23 mile, Parkview Drive (Winona Street); $120,000
  • W.Va. 705, 0.96 mile, 201st INF/FA Memorial Highway, $475,000
  • Mon County 857, 2.73 miles, Cheat Road, $650,000
  • Mon County 16, 3.3 miles, Davey Jones Road, $585,000
  • Mon County 18, 2.5 miles, Upper Days Road, $450,000


  • Preston County 8/1, 2.05 miles, West Clifton Mills Road, $380,000
  • Preston County 3/13, 1.3 miles, Freeland Crosscut Road, $275,000
  • Preston County 50/16, 1.72 miles, Cathedral Way, $325,000
  • Preston County 23, 3.8 miles, West Herring Road, $535,000
  • Preston County 51, 4.28 miles, Saltlick Road, $630,000
  • U.S. 50, 3.39 miles, George Washington Highway, $545,000
  • W.Va. 7, 4.33 miles, Veterans Memorial Highway; HARP 962, 0.14 mile, Veterans Memorial Highway (Brown Avenue); Preston County 43/1, 0.25 mile, Veterans Memorial Highway (South Price Street), $1,025,000


  • Marion County 54/5, 1.66 miles, Little Mill Fall Road; Marion CO 54/2, 0.92 mile, Little Mill Fall Road (Davis Ridge Road), $225,000
  • Marion County 33, 3.92 miles, Bunners Ridge Road, $900,000
  • U.S. 250, 2.54 miles, Fairmont Avenue, $600,000
  • Marion County 21, 5.06 miles, Monumental, $800,000
  • Marion County 9, 3.89 miles, Whetstone Road, $525,000


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