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Positive Spin makes biking accessible to everyone interested

Biking in the Morgantown area can be daunting to newcomers, especially those who come to the Mountain State from flatter parts of the world. Many local organizations work to make bicycling more accessible to average people (with average lung capacities) who want to delve into biking for recreation or transportation.

The City of Morgantown Bicycle Board strives to make biking safer and more convenient by, among other things, improving signage and promoting the development of safe biking routes.

The Mon River Trails Conservancy is working to extend existing trails, add new trails and neighborhood connectors and improve trailheads. The Brad and Alys Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative plans to install over 100 miles of new biking trails in the West Run Woods area over the coming years.

However, many may not be able to afford the cost of bicycling equipment, maintenance and repair needed to take advantage of these increasing opportunities.

Luckily, there is a local organization that works to break down that barrier as well. Positive Spin, founded in 2005, is a nonprofit bike collective that educates, encourages and empowers people to maintain and ride bikes anywhere, anytime, for any reason. It has no paid employees and runs on the sweat equity of community volunteers. Positive Spin offers low-cost refurbished bikes for sale to riders of all sizes and experience levels.

Parents may be interested to know that kids’ bikes are only $20, or $10 with a trade-in. Volunteers, who do everything from sweeping floors to repairing bikes, can trade their time for “Spin Coins” that can be used towards the purchase price of bikes or equipment, making low-cost lower, or even no-cost.

Community members can also contribute to Positive Spin’s mission by purchasing a membership, making monetary donations, or donating parts, tools, or bikes (after contacting the shop first). More information can be found at

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