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July 3 letters to the editor

SCOTUS ‘shredding’ fabric of jurisprudence

How very different it seemed growing up! So simple. The Supreme Court was to be respected. It so carefully considered the facts of each case. And it placed settled law, along with the overall welfare of the people of the United States, above all partisan political and religious convictions.

And now … Respect? Awe?

Somehow, we must consider a more perfect Union, perhaps going back to the old drawing board of 1776 or so. Perhaps even reinvent ourselves in light of what we have hopefully learned since our foundation, instead of producing examples like this — of twisting and shredding the very fabric of our jurisprudence.

Bill Gwilliam

County made progress on everything but roads

I loved the articles that came out in May about progress in this county. One thing that was overlooked were our roads.

When was the last time a reporter drove from downtown to Westover? Good luck going at least 5 mph because of how bad the road has been for years.

How about from the Pierpont exit to the Mileground? There is one spot if you hit it just right, your car will go airborne, and it has been that way for years.

Last is the Star City exit to town. It feels like you are on a railroad track. I just came back from Lewisburg. The roads going down once out of Harrison County are in great shape, but not here.

Maybe it is time to replace lots of the people who make decisions our roads.

Gary Chivers

Election is over. Take political signs down

To Cindy Frich: Please take down all of your political signs that I continue to see throughout Morgantown. The election is over. Thank you.

Charles Davenport

You, too, can help get the roads fixed

True story: A week ago, on a Sunday morning, I got fired up and decided to  stop expecting things or blaming people and did something about road conditions.

I emailed the state Division of Highways, the Morgantown Utility Board and Morgantown’s Public Works Department about weeds obstructing drivers’ view at a dangerous intersection to start with, a recent placement of a storm drain that’s a little rough around the edges and several notable potholes on two streets.

To my surprise each one of these agencies emailed me back and basically said they were on it. Yes, I was a little skeptical, but within days all three of these issues were resolved, or were soon to be, much to my satisfaction.

It got me to thinking about the idea that someone else will point out these sorts of issues so I actually need not bother. That’s a false narrative. These agencies want and need your input about problems they can fix, patch or altogether repair. No, they cannot commit to paving your street, replacing drainage systems or mowing miles of weeds along a roadside at your request.

However, they can and, I discovered, will target projects that can be done in an hour or so with a minimum of costs, resources, employees and time. What I learned is to do something yourself before you expect something to get better or simply resorting to blaming everyone else for the status quo.

Keep up the good work DOH, MUB and Morgantown’s best.

Randy Vealey