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Mooney tops McKinley for GOP nomination for new U.S. House 2nd District seat; Morgantown’s Barry Wendell wins Democratic nomination

MORGANTOWN – The incumbent Republican Congressman endorsed by former President Trump edged out the incumbent Republican Congressman endorsed by Gov. Jim Justice, the state Chamber of Commerce, the West Virginia Manufacturers Association and the Gas & Oil Association of West Virginia and Citizens for Responsible Energy Solution to win the GOP nomination for the new 2nd Congressional District.

Three other Republicans were in the fray: Susan Buchser-Lochocki of Morgantown, Rhonda Hercules of Wheeling and Mike Seckman of West Union.

On the Democratic side, Angela Dwyer of Martinsburg and Barry Wendell of Morgantown faced off. Wendell, a former two-term Morgantown City Council member, took that race.

GOP victor Alex Mooney represents the current 2nd District while David McKinley represents the current 1st District.

The new District 2 covers 26 counties, including both panhandles. District 2’s border counties are — from east to west — Hardy, Grant, Tucker, Randolph, Upshur, Lewis, Doddridge, Ritchie and Wood.

Mooney becomes the presumptive frontrunner, based on three previous Congressional elections. In the 1st District, McKinley tallied 68.98% of the vote in the 2020 general election; 64.58% in 2018; 68.97% in 2016.

In the 2nd District Mooney tallied 63.08% in 2020; 53.96% in 2018; 58.18% in 2016.

GOP results

On Tuesday night, with 761 of 776 precincts reporting, Mooney had 44,179 votes (54%); McKinley, 28,985 votes (36%); Buchser-Lochocki, 3,267 votes (4%); Seckman, 2,979 votes (4%); Hercules, 2,032 votes (2%);.

In Monongalia County, with all precincts reporting, Mooney won by a slight margin, 2,324 votes (44.41%) to McKinley’s 2,288 (43.72%). In Preston, with 28 of 31 precincts reporting, the tally was 2,225 for Mooney to 1,632 for McKinley.

Mooney also edged McKinley in Marion. With all precincts reporting, it was 2,058 for Mooney, 1,721 for McKinley.

The Republican National Committee commented on the outcome of both the 1st District (where incumbent Carol Miller scored a landslide victory over four GOP opponents) and the 2nd District.

“West Virginians are in good hands with Congresswoman Carol Miller and Congressman Alex Mooney as we work to take back the House in November,” the RNC said. “Americans reject Biden’s historic inflation, gas hike, and crisis at our southern border, and will vote for Republicans up-and-down the ballot.” 

Democratic results

With 761 of 776 precincts reporting, Wendell had 21,692 votes (57%) to Dwyer’s 16,304 (43%).

Wendell won 3,918 votes in Mon, 1,001 in Preston (with 28 of 31 precincts reporting) and 3,254 in Marion. Dwyer had 1,072 in Mon, 317 in Preston, 815 in Marion.

All results are unofficial pending canvassing.