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UPDATE: Pleasant Valley PSD lifts boil water advisory

MORGANTOWN — Pleasant Valley Public Service District has lifted a boil water advisory it issued earlier this week due to a main line issue.

The advisory included all homes from 2069-3506 on Lazzelle Union Road, all homes from 1-396 on Taylor Town Road, all homes on Whispering Ridge Road old Taylortown, as well as homes on Lazzelle School Road, Engineering Drive, Dollar Road, Ulysses Avenue, Holbert Lane, Bonfili Lane, Bowlby Hill Road, Hanover Street, Wendy’s Way, New Mayle Hill Road, Keenan Road, Davis heights Road, Robinson Run Road, and all homes from 10-228 Bowlby Road.

Customers can contact the PSD office for more information at 304-328-5847.

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