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Terra Café hosts Mini Markets every Sunday throughout summer

Enjoy your Sunday brunch and do some shopping at Terra Cafe’s Mini Market.

The mini market is held from 9 a.m.-1:30 p.m. every Sunday until the end of August.

Terra Cafe’s Mini Market offers a wide variety of items sold by three to four different vendors. 

The vendors range from farmers with fresh produce, art, tie-dye, jewelry, vintage items, and crafts.  

“I thought that it would be a great idea to bring in more vendors to Morgantown,” said Richia Austin, General Manager at Terra Cafe. “People can stop in, experience brunch and get some stuff from local vendors.”

Terra Cafe is committed to supporting local artists and craftspersons. 

The walls at Terra Cafe are filled with art made by local artists that are available for purchase. The restaurant also sells local jewelry from Silver Pennies Jewelry Design Company and woodcraft. 

“We always have local stuff to buy,” said Austin. “But we had thought about expanding that with the mini market and inviting in some more vendors.”

Last year, the owner of Terra Cafe had an idea to bring in local vendors, so Austin brought up the idea of a mini market. 

The two then began collaborating on ways to bring this idea to life. 

“We are super fortunate to have employees who have connections with artists and other local vendors,” said Austin. “So I reached out to them and asked if they would be interested in being involved with the mini market.”

Austin mentioned that during the pandemic, Sundays were the days that the cafe would bring back service and people would come and enjoy themselves. So the restaurant hosted its first mini market to add on to the experience. 

Star City hosts a farmers market on Fridays and Morgantown’s Farmers Market is on Saturdays, so Austin thought that it would be a great idea to hold a mini market on Sundays. 

“I think that the locals and those traveling will enjoy getting a taste of the community,” said Austin. 

Austin is currently looking to expand the mini markets for next summer and is looking for more vendors.

“It started out as a very small idea,” said Austin. “But everything has turned out well which is really cool.” 

For more information about Terra Cafe’s Mini Market, check out the restaurant’s Website, Facebook, and Instagram @terracafemorgantown, as well as contact Austin at

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