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Man finds bullet in house after fireworks

MORGANTOWN — A house on Green Street, in Morgantown’s Greenmont neighborhood, was shot on Saturday night under cover of fireworks.

“I noticed because the next morning I came into the living room and saw the plaster was off the wall,” the homeowner said. “I wondered if my kids threw something and quickly realized it was from outside.”

He then thought it was damage from a firework, but after looking more closely realized it was a bullet hole. The bullet passed through the wooden exterior and impacted the interior plaster but didn’t go through.

The homeowner agreed to speak with The Dominion Post but did not wish to be named. He said he’s a very private person and only posted about the incident on social media, on a restricted neighborhood Facebook page, because he felt the community should know.

The Morgantown Police Department confirmed there was a bullet hole on the exterior of the home and it appears to have come from Cobun Avenue, Morgantown Communications Director Andrew Stacy said. 

The MPD is investigating and has increased patrols in the area, Stacy said. Anyone with information is asked to call 304-284-755, Ext. 0 or leave an anonymous tip at 304-284-7520.

The homeowner said looking back, he thinks the shot was fired at about 11 p.m. because he remembers hearing a firework that sounded different than the rest. It sounded very close, loud and startled him.

“Now, I’m pretty sure that’s it,” he said.

The homeowner said he isn’t sure why someone would target him or his family.

“I’m just hoping it’s some random person who drank too much or generally is not well in the head and was having fun with their gun,” he said.

No one was injured, and the homeowner said he hopes the person who shot his house realized that it wouldn’t go through the wall. If the bullet had been three feet higher, it would have gone into the bedroom where he and his wife were.

Stacy said the MPD has not received any other reports of houses being shot.

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