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Preston Board of Education approves levy rates

KINGWOOD – The proposed Levy Rates for the Fiscal Year 2021-22 were presented and approved 5-0 by the Preston Board of Education Monday.  The levy will now be submitted to the State Board of Education and the State Tax Commissioner for approval.

The Regular levy as determined by the legislature per WV Code 11-86f.

The levy estimate for each $100 assessed valuation is:

The General Current Expense Levy: Class I – 19.40 cents, Class II – 38.80 cents, and Class III/IV – 77.60 cents. The net amount to be raised by the levy for FY 2021-2022 is $8,005,708.

The Excess Levy as determined by the February 2019 election is: Excess levy Class I – 10.55 cents, Class II – 21.10 cents and Class III/IV – 42.20 cents. The net amount to be raised by the levy for FY 20-21-2022 is $4,442,468.

The bonded debt services required levy rates for scheduling payment and interest for the 2020 Public School Refunding Bonds of $19,694,667. Bond Levy Class I – 8.63 cents, Class II – 17.26 cents, and Class III/IV – 34,52 cents. The net amount needed to be raised by the levy For FY 2021-2022 is $3,822,828.

In other business, board members approved adding three new CTE programs. Preston County High School Assistant Principal Pam Wilt presented the programs to board members.

 The Criminal Justice Program, scheduled to begin this fall,  is designed to provide students with fundamental principal of law enforcement, such as the history of policing in the United States, the characteristics of law enforcement agencies and the types of police activities, including criminal investigation, evidence collecting, fingerprinting, interviewing and report writings.

The Veterinary Assistant Aide program, which is also scheduled for this fall, is designed to provide students with the fundamental principals of the veterinary field such as the history of veterinary medicine, the origin of veterinary technology, advancements in the field of laws and ethics. Cheat Lake Animal Hospital and Mountainland Animal Hospital have agreed to be sites for the program.

The Medical Administrative Assistant course, will begin in fall 2022. It’s designed to provide students with fundamentals in medical terminology, customer service and billing, data entry and electronic medical program. The program combines both direct and indirect patient care.

All three programs will allow students to participate in hands-on activities to develop an understanding of the course concept, and allow students to receive college credits for completion. Both the Criminal Justice Program and the Veterinary Assistant Aide Program are pilot programs in West Virginia.

Wilt said the ham, bacon and egg virtual show was “extremely successful.”  She said it raised more than $73,100.

“This was the first time it was streamed. We hope to do the same for the CTE graduation,” she said.

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