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Reedsville donates $1,500 to local volunteer fire department

REEDSVILLE — The Reedsville Volunteer Fire Department (RVFD) will receive a $1,500 donation from Reedsville Council.

Council members voted unanimously to make the donation, citing difficulties due to COVID-19. They also voted to “review the situation” and possibly make another $1,500 donation in six months.

In a July interview, RVFD Chief Scott Spiker tole the newspaper that the department had to cancel both its gun bash and the Valley District Fair.

“We have no fund raisers planned,” he said during the interview. “We’ve cut all of our spending except utilities and equipment as needed.”

In past years, the Preston County Commission gave each of the county’s 12 volunteer fire departments an annual donation of $2,250 — or $27,000 total.

Commissioners said the funding was eliminated this fiscal year due to declining tax revenues.

In other matters, Mayor Jason Titus said the contract is completed for the lease/purchase for the land next to town hall.

Council originally sought a loan for the property but could not procure the loan, because it would not be paid off by the end of current members’ terms in office.

According to the agreement the town will make a down payment of $25,000 and then pay $585 per month for three years.

The agreement will be renewable yearly. This will allow newly elected council members to decide if they want to continue the agreement.

In other business, council members voted to purchase an in-car camera system for the Dodge Charger used by town police Officer Paul Rowan.

The cost of the system will be $2,995. Titus said it’s the same system as the one in the truck used by the officer.

Charlotte Doman asked council if she could close the right-of-way that goes through her property. Doman owns the property on both sides of the right-of-way.

“The state said I can close it off but I have to get permission from the town,” she said.

Titus said council would look at it and see if closing the right-of-way will effect other property owners.

Council also voted to allow trick or treating. Those wishing to hand out treats are asked to leave their porch lights on. The date and time for the event will be decided at the next council meeting.

Discussion about the purchase of a new flag pole was tabled. The town is considering a flagpole that will hold both the U.S. and West Virginia flag and has a pulley system.

The next meeting of the Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Sept. 28.