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Stabilizing the Boulevard

Work aims to stop future rock slides that pose danger to passing motorists on roadway

Workers with GeoStabilization International — a  geohazard mitigation company that operates throughout the United States and Canada — continue to work on the hillside above Monongahela Boulevard.

Senior project manager Ryan Goldstein said crews are installing a drape mesh system to “keep anything from coming down again.”

In February, a motorist was seriously injured after her vehicle crashed into a boulder that fell across the road. A PRT car traveling alongside Monongahela Boulevard at the time also struck a boulder that went through the protective fence separating the road and the PRT track. Nine students suffered minor injuries.

WVU contracted GSI to handle the rock stabilization project, which started roughly a month ago and will be completed in the next four to six weeks. During that time, one lane of traffic on Mon Boulevard and the shoulder closest to the hillside are shut down.

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stabilizing above mon boulevard
clearing up
Brush and trees cleared next to Mon Boulevard.