First Amendment still comes with some limits

Linda Newcome, Masontown

I am starting to understand the idea of “fake news” and the harm it can do to others. Recently, the front pages of The Dominion Post were dedicated to the good, bad and ugly of two different people. This was done without consideration for those people and possibly helped the public form negative thoughts before the truth was proven.

These two lives are already destroyed in the minds of those who don’t think for themselves and believe the printed word as the gospel.

The minds of those who know them or meet them in the future will quietly say, “Well, did she treat her employees badly?” “Did she misuse the monies, and do everything the paper said?” Then I believe she must be guilty. We know, they are not allowed to print anything that is not true.

And then there’s the family of the gentleman who made front page news. Can you imagine what those whom surround him must think? Is he, or isn’t he what is reported?

At first his employer said it would wait to find out but now it has relieved him of his duties. Yes, the paper told it like it was.

I understand the First Amendment as declaring we have the right to voice our concerns in public and take them to the government without fearing reprisal. We also have the right to believe in our God and our government does not have the right to change or amend this right. It further adds that the press has a right to print what happens or observes but it doesn’t have the right to ruin people’s lives.

This amendment does not give people the right to disgrace others or speak badly in public or elsewhere about them.

I believe it is time we appreciate the Constitution for what it really stands for and not for what we choose.

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