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Thanks to Sen. Manchin from grateful Republican

Kitte Deakins, Grafton
Joe Manchin fights for West Virginians! He is result oriented. Not just talk.

My husband served our country as a Marine in the Vietnam and Desert Storm wars.

My husband had brain surgery for an aneurysm, which left him with a tracheostomy tube, feeding tube and a catheter.
He was sent to a local nursing home. At that nursing home my husband was abused and neglected. I tried over and over to get him out of there. I called everywhere and everyone. No one could help me.

Then someone told me to call a senator. Sometimes they can help. I am a Republican, but I called Sen. Manchin’s office. And I am so glad I did.
I shared my concerns about my husband at that nursing home. By the grace of God, Manchin and his staff (Kim Berry) wasted no time. They cut through the red tape and got my husband out of there.

Manchin got my husband out of that nursing home, free from the suffering he experienced there. My husband is now in a Veterans Affairs hospital. The VA treats him with the dignity and respect he deserves. Thanks to Manchin.
Manchin has proven to me that he loves West Virginia. And I know that my family is just one of the many families he and his team have helped.

I would suggest that everyone sign up for the Manchin newsletter. To see all that he does and is willing to do for West Virginians.

Everyone hates politics. All talk no action. But not with Joe! He gets the job done. With heartfelt thanks from a grateful Republican.