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Learn traffic signaling system in downtown

Matthew Cross, Morgantown
Changes have been made to the traffic signaling systems in the downtown (Morgantown) district. Please be aware of this and pay attention while traveling within our transportation network.
Our state Divisionn of Highways has improved the pedestrian button activation boxes and poles. Some of the light durations have become shorter to provide less wait times and some crossing patterns have changed from exclusive to concurrent. Please, press the button and wait for the walk signal when crossing, it is not that difficult.
And for drivers the right turn on red option has been removed when turning from High Street to Walnut Street and from Fayette Street to High Street.
The green arrow allowing traffic to turn right from Spruce Street to Walnut Street has been removed. This means stop on red and look to see if the exclusive walking phase has been activated.
We all travel the same routes each day so learn the systems, operate within the law and watch out for each other. Good time management and patience will make everyone safer.