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Make DMV experience convenient, efficient

Glenda L. Latusek, Morgantown
One of our worst nightmares is having to go to the DMV. There is limited parking, long lines and slow service.
In the past, I have driven through the drive-through to renew my vehicle registration. This only took a few minutes and eliminated having to find a parking space and wait in line for service. When I went to the DMV recently, there was a sign on the drive-through window that it was closed permanently. I could not get a parking space so I could go inside, even after waiting 15 minutes for a space.
I went back again Monday, four times, and could not get a parking space. I finally mailed my registration information to the DMV in Charleston.
Instead of making it easier to go to the DMV, closing the drive-through window made it more difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if the DMV would make our experience there more convenient and efficient rather than worse?
Please reopen the drive-through window permanently.