Where did local crews go that once kept up roads?

Richard L. Hopkins, Terra Alta

Since the Morgantown newspaper covers Preston County too, I send this message along just to let you know all the coverage I have seen in The Dominion Post recently regarding roads, paving projects, and the talk, talk, talk just grinds my teeth like sand.

There once was a routine in place that sent road crews out to patch potholes each year once the snow melted up here in the eastern part of Preston.

And occasionally in the summertime, crews trimmed back the brush along our bumpy rural roads and did some ditching.

Right now we have 3-year-old potholes and roadways which are literally disintegrating for lack of maintenance. Ditching to get the water off the roads once was done. Not any more.

Our state Division of Highways people are apparently on assignment somewhere else.

Oh, yeah, they were out patching potholes about 10 weeks ago but they quit long before the job was finished. No crews have been seen since. The governor and his road bond and associated hot air sure ring empty up here. The state can’t even patch the potholes!

Meanwhile we endure bent wheel rims and constantly out-of-whack alignment on our vehicles and absolutely no way of getting from here to there without dropping the speed to 5 mph to bounce through the fields of potholes which once were roadways. Where did our local maintenance crews go? They are surely not around here.

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