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Gov. Justice meets with Trump to discuss coal and timber

WASHINGTON, D.C. — West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced on Twitter he was scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump Tuesday afternoon to talk about coal and timber.

Justice said the meeting was taking place in Washington, D.C., to “discuss the Trump-Justice Coal Plan that protects our coal miners.”
Earlier this month, Trump instructed the Energy Department to require utilities to buy some of their power from coal and nuclear-powered plants, many of which were scheduled to go off-line. Trump said the plants should remain open for the security of the nation’s energy grid.

Justice was at the White House last summer to talk to the Trump administration about a similar plan he had proposed.

“If you’re all on gas or you’re all on gas and western coal and somebody puts a bomb at a gas junction point or somebody puts a bomb on a bridge coming from the west, you could very well lose the entire eastern power grid,” Justice last year.

Justice also tweeted Tuesday that he was set to discuss his timber plan with Trump. The governor also talked about that during the 2016 gubernatorial campaign.

That plan includes a timber subsidy aimed at helping the state’s forest industry while recognizing the role of forests in curbing carbon dioxide emissions.

“What our trees are doing for this world is unbelievable,” Justice said during his January 2017 inaugural address.

In another tweet posted Tuesday afternoon, Justice said he took the state airplane to the nation’s capital. He said that plane is authorized to land at Reagan National Airport.
Information on the meeting was not available in time for this report.