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Stop attempts to waste the minds of our youth

Rocco Marrara Jr., Kingwood

I believe it was an old TV commercial that stated: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. This reasoning should still hold true today.

The dichotomy of North Korea versus South Korea is a real world example of this wasting of minds. The indoctrination of the North’s populace is in sharp contrast to the more or less freedoms of the South’s. South Korea is innovative and economically productive. North Korea is strictly regimented with little to no freedom of thought or expression.

It is from this perspective that it becomes troubling to see so many of today’s youth becoming indoctrinated by biased teachings, whether it be from so-called educators or social media, instead of simply being given the tools to seek out their own take on life.
It is imperative that said youth should see and understand what has gone on in the past and the possibilities of the many different prospects of what the future may reveal.

Those who would place these malleable, youthful minds at risk (and some not so youthful, malleable minds) by using their positions to push up front their own agenda reminds one of how the youth, women and children were placed in front of the radical Islamic fighters to shield these fighters for their own purposes.
I suppose those who seek to warp the minds of these youth do not believe they are “wasting” our youths’ minds.

It is indeed difficult to watch a large portion of these misguided youth rally against the Constitution’s First Amendment, by stopping conservative speakers from speaking on their school’s campus and against the Constitution’s Second Amendment (which keeps the First Amendment intact) by pushing to essentially repeal it.

Finally, these mind-wasting actions are a far cry from the youth of yesteryear wherein said youth fought (some of which protests had taken place on the WVU campus in the 1970s) for the right to vote at age 18, protest the Vietnam War and to have a say in their future, instead of fighting to take away their and the nation’s hard won rights, as is being witnessed today.