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Preston County Parks and Recreation offers outdoor exercise programs

KINGWOOD — Exercising in an outdoor location where everyone can space out is an nice alternative to exercising at home alone.

Rachelle Thorne, director of Preston County Parks and Recreation (PCPaRC), said county residents can do just that by participating in PCPaRC’s Wellness in the Park program.

Wellness in the park is an eight-week program held daily in the Masontown Trailhead Park.

“This is something important to us,” Thorne said. “It doesn’t cost much. An event is $5. That helps cover instructors and administrative costs.”

Markie Boring, owner of Studio 304, located on the Kingwood Pike, is one of the instructors. She teaches the strength and conditioning class.

“I lost 100 pounds with diet and exercise,” she said. “I was in quarantine and when it was over I needed to be motivated. That’s why I decided I would teach this class.”

Boring’s class is not the only one offered by the PCPaRC program. Cassie Offutt and Holly Hartsell teach yoga classes, and Talia Goodwin teaches a high intensity interval training class that includes aerobics. Hartsell offers a family yoga class.

Boring said her class consists of weight training mixed with cardio and interval training.

“Anyone is welcome,” she said. “I can modify the exercise so anyone can participate. Even my 3-year-old follows along.”

Yoga classes are held at 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, at 10 a.m. Thursday, and family yoga at 10 a.m. Friday; high intensity interval training at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday; strength and conditioning training is held at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Thorne said she is looking for additional volunteer instructors for the program and would like to include classes in subjects like martial arts and other physical fitness programs.

“We have a really good time,” Boring said. “Bring the kids, it’s kid friendly; it’s for the whole family.

Thorne said any updates, cancellations, additions and all descriptions will be posted on the PCPaRC Facebook page and on the community recreation calendar at

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