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Fleischauer moves on

Former West Virginia Delegate Barbara Evans Fleischauer announced this week that she will not be running for office this year. Instead, she has taken a position with the Feminist Majority, a national women’s rights organization whose sister company publishes the famous Ms. Magazine.

Fleischauer’s new job will take her across the country as part of the Feminist Majority’s 2024 campus campaign to teach young women about the Equal Rights Amendment and abortion issues and encourage them to engage in the political process.

We are happy for Fleischauer — this position seems like the perfect fit for her — though we will continue to miss her voice in the Legislature. She was always a staunch proponent for women’s dignity and rights in a body dominated by men — an unfortunate number of whom hold antiquated or ignorant views of women and womanhood.

We congratulate Fleischauer on her new job and wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. May she be safe in her travels, and may country roads always bring her home.