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City employee retires after 41 years of service

KINGWOOD — For 41 years Bob Chidester showed up for work for the City of Kingwood.

He said Claude Waugerman was the city supervisor when he handed in his application for a job with the garbage pickup crew.

“I got the job. Later I did a little bit of everything,” Chidester said. “I’ve worked on the storm drains, cindering, recycling and ran the transfer station for a while.”

He said the work hasn’t changed much over the years, but it did become easier due to new equipment and equipment improvements.

Chidester said he still helps with the recycling occasionally. The city’s recycling did grow over time. He said it started with cardboard then added cans, plastic and finally paper.

Chidester said although his work has varied over the years, he had no favorite job; he just did what he was told to do. He said he did enjoyed working at night, cleaning the streets of snow during winter and painting during the summer months.

“We were painting street light poles and putting in new outlets and wiring,” he said. Chidester said his work strategy over the years is “start early and don’t worry about quitting.”

“Bob was a very good, very reliable, employee,” City Supervisor Bruce Pyles said. “He showed up every day and just went and done whatever needed to be done. I’ve called him several times and asked him to come in and work nights and he always came.”

Pyles wasn’t the only one who praised Chidester for his many years of service. His dedication and service wasn’t overlooked by some of the other city employees who wanted him to know he was appreciated.

“We (the office clerks) did a luncheon for him to show him we appreciated his 41 years of dedication and service to the City of Kingwood,” Rhonda Ridenour, city clerk said.

Mayor Jean Guillot agreed. “Bob should be commended for his years of service,” he said. “Forty-one years is long time with one company.”

Chidester said as a retiree he plans to mow his grass and do other odd jobs that need to be done around his home.

“I still want to work for the city two days a week. It beats sitting around all the time.” he said.