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Arrest made following I-79 road-rage shooting

A Morgantown man was arrested by West Virginia State Police following a road-rage incident with shots fired on Interstate 79 near Goshen Road Wednesday morning.

Two victims driving a black Ram truck told troopers that a driver, later identified by police as Robert Michael Schweizer, 32, of Morgantown, had merged onto I-79 southbound and cut them off.

Schweizer allegedly began waving a firearm out of the window at the victims, then “pulled up alongside of them, pointed the firearm at them, and shot one time,” the criminal complaint said.

One of the victims stated he heard the bullet strike his vehicle.

Police located Schweizer and pulled him over. According to their report, officers found two firearms in his possession.

Court records show Schweizer also had an active warrant for a previous road-rage incident two years ago.

A criminal complaint from October 2021 alleges Schweizer intentionally ran a woman off W.Va. 705 in Morgantown multiple times, cut her off, and attempted to block her in at red lights.

He then allegedly followed her to Mon General Hospital, where she worked, and trailed her around the parking lot.

According to the complaint, Schweizer then exited his vehicle, ran up to the victim’s vehicle and began pounding on it.

Video surveillance was obtained which allegedly shows Schweizer chasing the woman around Mon General parking lot and getting out of his vehicle.

The victim believed the incident occurred because she went around Schweizer’s van while leaving Kroger.

Schweizer was charged at the time with destruction of property. That case has yet to be resolved.

Schweizer was taken into custody following Wednesday’s incident. He was charged with two counts of wanton endangerment involving a firearm with a $250,000 bond. He is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail.

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