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Adkins retires from Mon Sheriff’s Department after 42 years

Rick Adkins has been an important part of the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department for 42 years. On Friday, he was joined by fellow officers, first responders and various others to celebrate his retirement from a lengthy career with a luncheon at the sheriff’s office. 

“Rick has done a lot for this department,” Sheriff Perry Palmer told the crowd. “He’s going to be missed more than he thinks. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us, the community, everybody.” 

Adkins said he started his career at the sheriff’s office in 1981, when he was hired to work at the jail. From there, he became a deputy. 

Over the years he worked his way through the ranks, covering a variety of positions, including detective and head of training. He continued working his way through the department, eventually becoming chief deputy.  

Detective Division Assistant Tammy White said she worked closely with Atkins over the years as his secretary, when he served as a detective. White described Adkins as a “very hard worker and very dedicated. 

“It was a blessing to work with him. Very knowledgeable, very nice, just a great guy,” she said. “He is going to be missed here.” 

Adkins retired from the law enforcement side of the department years ago and for the past decade or so has held the chief administrative officer position.  

According to Palmer, he is an invaluable member of the department who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

“He’ll tell you, ‘This could happen, so you better watch for this,’ and it’s not just what you want to hear. That’s what I need. He’s just invaluable,” the sheriff said. 

Adkins said he has an abundance of memories over the years that stick out, but “to put my finger on one, no, but many, many — it’s a long career. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go.” 

In fact, Palmer said Adkins interviewed him for his job when he began in 1991. He retired from law enforcement in 2013 and I moved on to be the chief so that I could run for sheriff.

Adkins said he was overwhelmed by the show of support from all of those who attended. 

“You meet a lot of good people out there — you always meet a few that aren’t so good, but that’s the job. But I’d say overwhelmingly, the people you run into and the people you deal with are good people. 

“I’m gonna take a little time off before I decide what’s next,” he said of his future plans. “I’ve enjoyed the career. I’ve enjoyed working here. I’ve enjoyed the people.”  

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