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The numbers are in: Mon students advance to regional Math Field Day competition

So, just how much interest are you paying on that credit card?

And that square footage your contractor is talking about — you just need the driveway resurfaced. You weren’t counting on fractions and division.

Good luck, doubling that recipe while you’re at it: What’s two-thirds, times two?

If you thought you were done with math after school, think again, Monica McCartney says.

McCartney is the math coach for Monongalia County Schools. It’s her job to help demystify the subject, so youngsters can grow up to be comfortable adults in a world that’s chock-full of numbers — like it or not.

“You never get away from math,” she said.  

Meanwhile, the local district just came out of its annual Math Field Day competition, an annual showcase of the county’s top numbers-minded students. The regional contest for students across north-central West Virginia is March 11 at University High School.

The winners:

Fourth grade

1st place — Xinxi Xu, North Elementary School

2nd place — Henry Turner, Mountainview Elementary School

3rd place — Joseph Samuel, Covenant Christian School

Alternates — Wesley Paulk, Ridgedale Elementary; Lucy Mapunda, Mountainview Elementary

Fifth grade

1st place — Riya Zinn, North Elementary School

2nd place — Anand Subramani, North Elementary School

3rd place — Hank Montoro, Suncrest Elementary School

Alternates — Arjun Chadha, Suncrest Elementary School; Colton Bonfilli, Brookhaven Elementary School

Sixth grade

1st place — Gloria Hu, Suncrest Middle School

2nd place — Destiny Shi, Suncrest Middle School

3rd place — Shreyansh Medatati, Suncrest Middle School

Alternates — Isabell Tabone, St. Francis Central Catholic School; Yunay Chaudhary, Suncrest Middle School

Seventh grade

1st place — Tessa Abildso, South Middle School

2nd place — Emily Lui, Suncrest Middle School

3rd place — Elliot Sorensen, Suncrest Middle School

Alternates — Elijah Shinn, Mountaineer Middle School; Cael Livengood, Covenant Christian School

Eighth grade

1st place — Ryan Karim, Suncrest Middle School

2nd place — Caden Yao, Suncrest Middle School

3rd place — Larry Du, Suncrest Middle School

Alternates — Pavan Subramani, Suncrest Middle School; Logan Mercer, Mountaineer Middle School

Ninth grade

1st place — Sanketh Guppi, Morgantown High School

2nd place — Maxwell Chen, Morgantown High School

3rd place — Mark Wang, Morgantown High School

Alternates — Solas Chhin-Kreiner and Sreyan Das, both of Morgantown High School

10th-12th grades

1st place — Lauren Shen, Morgantown High School

2nd place — Joyce Hu, Morgantown High School

3rd place — Austin Luo, Morgantown High School

4th place — Grace Yan, Morgantown High School

5th place — Amy Lu, Morgantown High School

6th place — Carter Herron, Morgantown High School

7th place — Daniel Han, Morgantown High School

8th place — Andrew Kisner University High School

9th place — Lucas Marsh, University High School

10th place — Brandon Ngo, Morgantown High School

Alternates — Shawn Li, Morgantown High School; Claire Lu, Morgantown High School

Other awards

Fourth-grade awards for Best Physical Estimation and Best “Stresstimator” went to Kyle Eddins of Eastwood Elementary, Lane Bergeron of Ridgedale Elementary and Xinxi Hu of North Elementary, respectively.

Byron Ellison of Cheat Lake Elementary won the 5th grade award for Best Physical Estimation.

Winning that same award for their grades were Leo Grammer, 6th grade, Westwood Middle; Ryan Ghorayeb, 7th grade, St. Francis Central; and Paige Mayle, Westwood Middle.

Carter Herron, Amy Lu, Brandon Ngo, Lauren Shen and Grace Yan, all of MHS, took home the 10th-12th grade Team Award.

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