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Fun fall things to look forward to

In honor of the beginning of the first full month of fall, we’re going to list some things we’re looking forward to this autumn.

  • The leaves changing. Of course this is No. 1 on the list. There’s nothing like West Virginia in the fall — watching the waves of gold, orange and crimson slowly wash over the mountains. It might be the most beautiful time of the year here in the Mountain State, and it’s the perfect time to hike along the many trails in and around town. On a bright, clear day when all the trees have switched from summer green to autumn flames, it’s no wonder this place is called “Almost Heaven.”
  • Warm sweaters and warm drinks. To quote the internet meme, the temperature dropped from 80 to 55 like it saw a state trooper. While we’re sad to see the warm weather go, we’re glad it’s at least hit an appropriate temperature for breaking out the flannel jackets and chunky knit sweaters without secretly sweating. And those high-50s, low-60s temps are perfect for wrapping your hands around a hot cup of tea or coffee — or cider, for those really getting into the fall spirit.
  • Decorating. Doesn’t matter if it’s autumn-themed, Halloween-themed or Thanksgiving-themed. From cornstalk scarecrows to animatronic ghouls to painted pumpkins to candlelit jack-o’-lanterns, we love how much fun people have decorating their homes and yards for the season — and we love to admire their work.
  • Pumpkin patches. They’re perfect for the young and young-at-heart. Going to a pumpkin patch is like going on a treasure hunt: Somewhere out there, amidst all the gourds of various shapes, sizes and colors, is the perfect pumpkin for you. Even if you’re not much of pumpkin-hunter, it can be fun to watch little kids just have an absolute blast.
  • Heartier food. Don’t get us wrong — we love summer grilling and fresh fruits and veggies. But we all have dishes we love that it’s just been too hot to make. Like that soup that has to simmer on the stove all day or that casserole that bakes at 400 degrees for over an hour. Not to mention all the cookies and pies and other goodies we’ve been waiting for cooler temps to make. Besides, lighting the oven means your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard, right?
  • Better TV. For the few of us left who still watch cable, fall means all the shows come back — not just on the Big Three (ABC, CBS and NBC), but on other networks and the streaming platforms as well. After three months of watching re-runs, it’s exciting to finally have new episodes of our favorite dramas, comedies and, yes, even reality television.
  • The return of sports. Whether you’re bundled up on the bleachers for Friday Night Lights at one of the high schools or decked out in blue and gold to cheer on the Mountaineers, nothing quite beats the thrill of fall sports. Just like the rest of you, we’ll be in the stands or glued to the TV to catch all the action from now until next summer.

There’s so much to be excited for as autumn gets underway and we’re ready to dive into it all like a kid into a pile of leaves.