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Mon Commission provides $300,000 to be matched by anonymous donor

MORGANTOWN — Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia is looking to get while the getting is good.

And thanks to the generosity of a local, but anonymous, donor, the getting is good right now.

The unnamed benefactor has pledged to match up to $1 million dollars in donations raised by YCF as long as the gifts are unrestricted, meaning there are no limitations on the charitable use of the funds within YCF’s service area of Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Harrison and Marion counties.

The Monongalia County Commission gave that effort a shot in the arm on Wednesday with a vote to provide $300,000 — half now, half in the coming fiscal year.

“Unrestricted funds are incredibly difficult to raise. This matching opportunity that’s been presented to YCF by an anonymous donor is just simply amazing,” YCF President Patty Showers Ryan said, noting the money provided by the commission will be used for people, projects and programs in Monongalia County. 

Perri Jo DeChristopher serves on the YCF Board of Directors.

“So while the donation of this county commission will be impactful in Monongalia County, what this commission has done is take an opportunity to also impact our neighbors,” DeChristopher said. “Thank you on behalf of everyone who will be impacted by this; folks that may not have any other resources; folks that may not have anyone else to turn to for these type of funds.”

Your Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia was formed 11 years ago with the merger of the Greater Morgantown Community Trust and the Community Foundation of North Central West Virginia.

According to the YCF website, it manages assets of more than $20 million and administers more than 150 endowment funds across its service area.

Earlier this month, YCF announced 110 scholarships totaling $327,000 for the 2022-23 academic year.

“We have a theme here that we like the dollars we grant and spend on infrastructure and things to make dollars … Well, this is immediate. We give a dollar. They give a dollar,” Commissioner Jeff Arnett said.

The commission said it would also provide YCF a letter of support to take to other potential participants.

Commissioner Sean Sikora said the commission’s contribution was based on looking at population totals across YCF’s service area.

“We thought $300,000 was a very fair start, which will give you guys a lot of momentum to get other, guilt other commissions into providing their part,” he said. “Again, here in Mon County we’re lucky to be able to make this contribution.”

More information on YCF and the $1 Million Match Campaign is available at

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