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BOPARC Foundation will be a welcome addition

Late last week, BOPARC announced it will launch a new fundraising arm, simply called the BOPARC Foundation. This is an exciting development for the county’s recreational future.

At the moment, BOPARC’s budget is limited by what it earns in levy funds. While levy funds create a fairly steady source of revenue for about five years, the county has to be careful not to ask for too much from taxpayers and it must always be prepared to lose that funding if a levy doesn’t pass. Being able to supplement — or, worst case scenario, replace — that revenue puts BOPARC in a better financial position.

BOPARC is in the odd position of having to bid out projects that are too small for big contractors and too big for small contractors. To the big contractors, the project isn’t worth the effort when there are more lucrative opportunities for large firms. To the small contractors, the project is a great opportunity, but it’s more than they can handle without extra help (or they’re trying to milk being the lone bid), which usually means a higher price tag.

With extra funds at its disposal, BOPARC may be able to bid out multiple projects at once, thereby getting the attention of larger contractors (for example, no one has bid on the Krepps Park tennis court resurfacing), or it will at least be able to afford the higher bids of small contractors.

This will also give community members the chance to “vote” with their money. Donors can earmark donations for specific projects or give money more generally to show their support for Mon County’s parks and recreational facilities as a whole. Either way, having more money at its disposal means BOPARC can get more done.