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It’s time to make some MMAGIC

We often lament the inefficiencies of bureaucracy, which is what makes an idea like MMAGIC all the more appealing.

MMAGIC — Monongalia Morgantown Area Geospatial Consortium — would be a group comprised of workers from the geographic information system offices of Monongalia County, City of Morgantown and Morgantown Utility Board.

As The Dominion Post reported Nov. 12, GIS uses aerial photography, as well as computer software, to analyze, manipulate, manage and present geographical information. Maps made with GIS can mark things such as property boundaries or existing water lines.

MUB GIS Manager Taryn Moser, Monongalia County GIS and Floodplain Coordinator Mike Paugh and Morgantown GIS Coordinator Marvin Davis pitched the idea for MMAGIC based on a simple idea: Cost sharing.

All three entities use GIS and corresponding data sets for myriad purposes. Instead of each body spending taxpayer dollars to buy the required information, the three would pool their resources to purchase the data and share it.

Every taxpayer should encourage the county, city and MUB to approve the group, because instead of our money being spent three times, it’ll only be spent once. This leaves funds for other essential projects and reduces government redundancy. The group would also create a central point for contact and collaboration        

It’s seems some MMAGIC would help our local government’s efficiency and communication, so it’s time for the group to be given the greenlight.