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Amy Miller is just being honest

Amy Miller is excited to step onto the stage at Morgantown Brewing Company Nov. 10, but the location is a little different than where she originally planned to perform in Morgantown.

“Originally, we were going to do it at the other venue, the punk venue, but then we had to move it because they double booked me with a metal band. The brewery will be cool,” she said.

Miller will be joined Wednesday by local comedians Cody Cannon, Justin Powers, and Richie Ryan, as well as Pittsburgh-based comedian Jeff Fieldhouse.

Miller and fellow comedian Geoff Tate are on a two week stint of shows, and she spoke to The Dominion Post from the road while driving in Tennessee. In fact, the conversation was cut short as Miller’s car entered a tunnel.

Originally from Oakland, CA, the Los Angeles based Miller says she first found stand up in a San Francisco laundromat.

“It was 2010. It was partially (because) I didn’t have work, the height of this terrible recession….It was just a grim time. And then I was like, ‘What if I tell jokes at this laundromat?’” she said.

Many professional comedians describe a rush or a thrill that has kept them coming back to the stage time and time again, and Miller is no exception.

“I wanted to keep doing something that I was afraid of. I met really nice people that I’m still friends with now, and it just seemed like something good to do,” she said. 

Now, 11 years later, Miller is still enjoying the good in comedy. After more than a year at home without audiences she’s relishing the opportunity to be back in front of live crowds and on the road. Within limits, of course.

“I still love, I always love doing stand up and I like traveling stuff, but… in June, I had that feeling of exhilaration of like, ‘Oh, I didn’t get to do this for so long.’ And now I want to spend a minimum of three weeks alone in my apartment again. Just, I miss it,” she said.

That’s the type of honesty you can expect at Miller’s show. As for the comedic voice she has developed in that time, there’s not much distinction between her personal and professional life.

“Autobiographical. I just try to be as much onstage who I am offstage. I like to write about stuff that makes me laugh. Sometimes it’s kind of dark. Other people have said that.”

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