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Residents provide feedback in broadband survey

In July, the Monongalia County Commissioners, in partnership with Ice Miller Whiteboard, Lit Communities and DLZ, began conducting a survey to gauge interest in broadband network investment to provide  affordable and reliable internet service to residents, businesses and anchor institutions.

The survey is just one part of the information-gathering phase of the broadband plan. Survey responses support a community-led effort to bring high-speed fiber internet to Monongalia County residents. The survey aims to quantify the need for high-speed fiber internet and identify the most financially viable opportunities to create more access for residents and businesses.

Survey responses will help identify the level of service desired in various areas of the county and will address issues such as  cost, speed and satisfaction with current service providers in the area.

In addition to taking the survey, Monongalia County residents can attend the town hall set for 6 p.m. Wednesday. Attendees will receive an update on the County’s Broadband Assessment and have an opportunity to provide feedback on broadband access and current services. The town hall will offer  virtual and in person options. Those looking to attend virtually may sign up at An in-person option will be made available at the Monongalia County Extension Service Office, 270 Mylan Park Lane, Suite 250, Morgantown, WV 26501, for those without the ability to stream the meeting.

So far, the survey has garnered over 1,700 responses with over 1,400 responses in its first four weeks. Based on the survey, 86 percent of respondents indicated they would consider signing up for a municipal network. Additionally, 30 percent of respondents’ connectivity does not meet the minimum FCC Broadband definition and would be interested in an alternative, while 16 percent of respondents have no internet connectivity in their homes at all.

“Any service other than satellite service would be better than the current service in our area,” said one survey respondent. “Our area has little, to no, cell service and the only option for internet is through satellite. The service is very expensive, slow and unreliable. I think that more would live in rural areas of Monongalia County if there was sufficient broadband for the residents.”

The county is also  reviewing the list of respondents who indicated they are willing to be “champions” of the broadband plan and help promote a municipal network through their personal and professional networks. Champions will encourage their connections to take the survey so the County can use additional responses and information to analyze the needs and methods for increasing internet accessibility in Monongalia County.

Residents who are at least 16  are eligible to participate in the survey until February 2022. Interested residents can access the survey here, which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have questions about the survey, contact Monongalia County Secretary and Grant Coordinator Collene Coon at

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