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Trinity place kicker Kyle Knight excels at more than just football

MORGANTOWN — Trinity Christian junior Kyle Knight is proving to be a standout player for the Warriors football program.

After finishing last season on the all-state second team as a place kicker, Knight has already been named pre-season all-state second team by Coalfields for this season. 

Knight is a multi-use player who spends most of his time at the punter and placer kicker positions, but also contributes to the team at the wide receiver and defensive back positions, as well. However, football is not the only sport he plays, as Knight starts in the midfield on Trinity’s soccer team. Being such a standout and essential player on two teams takes dedication and time though.

Most of his days start early with the soccer team, but the practice time does not end there, as he returns to the field hours later to meet with the football team.

“I have soccer in the morning from 8:00 to 9:45 and then I don’t have anything until football, which is from 3:00 to 6:00,” Knight said. “I don’t really have that much free time usually, but when I do I’ll be at home and I’ll work out or be on my phone.”

The time Knight spends playing sports does not end there, as he is also a member of a travel soccer team outside of the high school fall sports season.

Knight started playing football during his 8th-grade year for his middle school team, but has always spent time with soccer as he’s been playing “since pretty much forever.”

His presence on both teams does not go unnoticed, as Knight left quite the impression with his football coaching staff.

Head coach Chris Simpson, who is entering his second full-time season as Trinity’s head man, knows Knight’s potential and is excited for what the future holds, whether it will be on or off the field.

“He’s a pretty solid kid — he looks more likely to get a scholarship for DI in soccer, but he’s still on a bunch of different radars right now, a couple different kicking lists that go across the nation. He’s a hidden talent and he’s a good, well-mannered young man as well,” Simpson said.

Knight is excited about the Warriors this football season and has mainly been working on getting comfortable with his playbook and putting a lot of his confidence into his coaching staff.

“I think it’s going to be good. Our team is getting together very well with our coaches. They know what they’re doing and they are teaching us everything they know,” he said.

Simpson is optimistic about the upcoming football season as the team is accumulating experience with several returning players. He believes the veteran presence in his locker room will mark the beginning of growth for his system and his team moving forward.

Trinity’s season kicks off at home against Bridgeport (Ohio).

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