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Find your inner happiness at & Yoga

MORGANTOWN — Discover your inner happiness and well-being through the power of yoga at & Yoga.

That’s what Loren and Erica Metzner want for each person who enters the studio. The Morgantown residents opened & Yoga Aug. 7.

The Metzners believe in the core values of connection, adventure, energy, presence and belonging, and hope to provide an energizing and safe environment to help connect the community to other people doing things that make them happy through yoga. 

& Yoga also aims to help its members find what they love to do and give them the tools to become the people they want to become. The studio encourages members to take time for themselves, appreciate life, calm the mind and find inner happiness.

“This was an idea of helping root people here in Morgantown and see all of the cool things to do in this town,” said Erica Metzner. 

Front entrance of & Yoga’s Studio
Owners Erica and Loren Metzer pose for a picture during & Yoga’s evening class

& Yoga provides guests a large open area for attendees to relax and practice yoga. There are also two large changing rooms and storage shelves that provide a safe place to store personal items. There is a large calendar with events happening at the yoga studio as well as around Morgantown. 

The Metzners also encourage new members to take a picture on the day of their first class and describe their “and.” 

“The ‘&’ is multifunctional,” said Loren Metzner. “It stands for the community, its love, its adventure and yoga. We like to ask, ‘What is your “and?’ ” 

Erica Metzner is a full-time yoga instructor, who has been teaching yoga in the area for several years. She received a degree in business at Michigan State University. She also trained to be a yoga teacher in 2015.

Loren Metzner is a WVU alumnus who works at Ruby Memorial Hospital. He also attends as many classes as he can. 

The Metzners have a strong passion for outdoor activities and being involved with the community.  They love to go hiking, mountain biking, skiing and backpacking, and yoga. 

“We want to develop a community of kindness and love,” Loren said, “and encourage people to play outdoors and be happy.”

Erica’s dream was to open a yoga studio, and with the help and support of Loren, as well as some of their friends, her dream became a reality. 

“There isn’t anything that you can’t do in Morgantown,” Erica said. “It’s the best place in the world.”

& Yoga is offering new students the first 30 days of classes for $30, and there is community class Fridays for $5. The studio will host teacher training in October. 

& Yoga, at 1022 Suncrest Towne Centre, opens 30 minutes before each class, a schedule of events and classes, as well as membership pricing can be found on its website at For more information also check it the studio’s Facebook page and Instagram @andyogawv.

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Travis Embacher gets warmed up during & Yoga’s evening class