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The Salvation Army, Walmart collecting school supplies this weekend

MORGANTOWN — Thanks to COVID-19, the namesake bus is gone but the need is greater than ever.

That’s why the University Town Centre and 4-H Road Walmart stores are among more than 4,500 location working with The Salvation Army on the Stuff the Bus school supply drive through Sunday.

In years past, patrons could purchase supplies and place them on an actual bus. This year, like last year, barrels have been placed inside both stores to collect new school supplies.

Walmart has prepacked backpacks available that can be purchased, placed in The Salvation Army barrel and given directly to a child.

The goal is to provide supplies for 200 local children.

“We want to support the families who may be having trouble, maybe with lost wages or looming evictions,” Lt. Sheldon Greenland, of The Salvation Army Morgantown said.

Sheldon said people in need of supplies can reach out to The Salvation Army at 304-296-3525.

“People can reach out to us, but we’re also going to have an event on Aug. 22 at our Hope Café. We’re going to have people come, share a meal with us and they can get a backpack or whatever they need for their kids,” Greenland said.

Since the start of the pandemic, The Salvation Army of Morgantown has provided more than 30,000 meals, and $18,716 in financial assistance to local families and individuals. In addition, The Salvation Army provides day camp, after-school programs and extracurricular activities.

“It’s important because it shows people that their neighbors care. We need to make sure that the future, our children, have exactly what they need so they can continue to thrive and strive for greatness. If we impact the children, we’re impacting the future,” Greenland said. “That’s what The Salvation Army is all about, helping our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors.”

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