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Dale Miller says goodbye, but his legacy continues

It’s not the brick and mortar that makes the town; it’s the people.

And one of Morgantown’s key players since 1977 is stepping back and into a well-deserved retirement.

Dale Miller, long-time president and CEO of West Virginia Radio Corp., announced his retirement yesterday.

Miller’s name may ring a bell for many of you. His long and successful career at WVRC saw the company expand to over 30 stations across the state and into Maryland, as well as launch MetroNews Radio and form Pikewood Creative, which has won five Emmys.

But it’s more likely you know Miller from his work in the community. Just this past Saturday, a ball field at Mylan Park was dedicated in his honor. Miller operated the Morgantown Post 2 American Legion baseball team for more than three decades, with dozens of collegiate baseball players getting their start in his program. He also spearheaded efforts to improve the fields at Mylan Park, so it’s fitting that one now bears his name.

In his time here in Morgantown, Miller has elevated both local baseball and local radio.

Although baseball is his first sports love, you could count on Miller to be there for the annual high school basketball tournament. Miller would show up in Charleston and stay for the whole week, producing a broadcast for statewide radio so everyone could keep up with their hometown teams.

He may be retiring as the CEO, but Miller knew the ins and outs of every position in the radio business. Which meant he was just as comfortable working the sound board at the aforementioned tournament or behind the microphone in the broadcaster’s booth as he was in the boardroom, if not more so.

The man knew no time clock, and he was there until the work was done. His incredible work ethic set the bar high for his fellow employees and whomever takes over Miller’s position has large shoes to fill.

For the full list of Miller’s accomplishments, see the article on A-1.

Since The Dominion Post and West Virginia Radio are sister companies, there has always been a rivalry — at times less friendly than at others, as we often compete for the same stories and same advertisement revenue — but Miller  earned our respect long ago.

He will be missed, and we wish him the best as he begins his next chapter.

Miller might be passing the reins, but we know any future success will be built upon the strong foundation he has left behind. His creativity, intelligence, work ethic and passion have cemented a lasting legacy.