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Aull About History 9, Part II – Petroglyphs, Forgeries, and a Debate

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Welcome to part two of the ninth episode of Aull About History, the local history podcast from The Dominion Post, in partnership with the Aull Center, a branch of Morgantown Public Library.

Follow along as we explore the rich history of Morgantown and north-central West Virginia.

In this episode, part two of two, historian Nathan Wuertenberg takes a look at our region’s history of petroglyphs, runestones, and Morgantown’s role in the evolutionary debate. Hear about the petroglyphs still buried just off of Route 119, as well as the debate between West Virginia University professors and William Jennings Bryan in the leadup to the famous Scopes trial.

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Ink sketch of William Jennings Bryan
Ink sketch of William Jennings Bryan. (Clifford Berryman, courtesy of the National Archives.)

Music in this episode:

“Frog In The Well” by Lucas Gonze

Lofi Sadness by RamolPro