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Aull About History 9, Part I – Morgantown, Land Before Time

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Welcome to the ninth episode of Aull About History, the local history podcast from The Dominion Post, in partnership with the Aull Center, a branch of Morgantown Public Library.

Follow along as we explore the rich history of Morgantown and north-central West Virginia.

In this episode, part one of two, historian Mike McClung takes a look at Morgantown’s ancient history. Hear about our region’s history as an ancient shallow sea and the creatures that lived in it, the fossil records that survive from that era, as well as some of our aquatic friends still living in our waters today.

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Greererpeton burckemorani. (Tim Evanson/Flickr via Creative Commons license)

Music in this episode:

“Frog In The Well” by Lucas Gonze

Lofi Sadness by RamolPro