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Kingwood Water Board discusses Herring Road Project

KINGWOOD — Changes in the Herring Road Project schedule were discussed Tuesday evening during a meeting of the Kingwood Water Board. 

The Herring Road Project is a two-part contract that will provide water to roughly 60 new customers once it is completed.

During its April meeting, the board announced Contract B of the project would be completed first. However, 2-inch pipe for the project will not be delivered until June 10. 

Tim Rice, senior engineer of Potesta Engineering and Environmental Consultants, said construction should start shortly after the delivery. 

Contract B is a water line extension for Bradley Memorial Drive and Big Bend Drive. The base bid for the project is $128,849.50. He said it will take roughly 40 to 45 days to complete.

Contract A of the project is set to begin May 24. It will include All Hollow and Concord roads. The base bid for this project is $1,314,496.75.

Funds for Contract A are being provided through an Abandoned Mine Land grant. Contract B is being funded through AML and the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council.

A. J. Burk from Horner was awarded the contract for part A and B of the project. Burk recently completed an AML water project in Newburg.

Earlier in the project, Kingwood Water Board members received paperwork from environmental specialists in Charleston about tree clearing on Herring Road.

Once the project is started, a small bat box might have to be provided. The Indiana bat and the Virginia big-eared bat are federal endangered species found in West Virginia, according to the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources.