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Canvassing process bumps municipal turnout up by two ballots

MORGANTOWN — Two additional ballots, one late-arriving absentee and one provisional, were added to the Morgantown Municipal Election vote totals on Monday as a quorum of Morgantown City Council sat as the city’s canvassing body.

The pair of ballots bumps the total number cast to 1,519 or 7.89% of the city’s 19,246 registered voters.

Of those , 884 were cast on Election Day. Another 567 were cast during the 10-day early voting period and 68 were cast absentee.

Mayor Ron Dulaney, Deputy Mayor Rachel Fetty and Councilors Bill Kawecki, Deb Bergen and Barry Wendell sat for the canvassing process, which lasted about 90 minutes.

All told, the body checked six provisional ballots — meaning that due to some irregularity, the ballot was cast but not counted until the canvassing board could take a look at it. Five of those were ultimately rejected according to Morgantown Communications Director Andrew Stacy.

Additionally, the canvassing process includes hand-checking all the ballots in one precinct. Stacy said Precinct 1 was hand counted.

Candidates have 48 hours from the end of the canvassing process to request a recount before the results are made official.

There were official write in candidates in the 1st and 6th ward races, and both candidates in the 3rd Ward were write-ins. The not-yet-official results only indicate how many write-in votes were cast in each race, and not specifically who they were for.

Additional information about the 3rd Ward totals was provided by the city.

Morgantown Municipal Election results

1st Ward

  • Patrick Hathaway – 900
  • Write-in – 380

2nd Ward

  • Bill Kawecki – 1,032

3rd Ward

  • Ixya Vega – 512
  • Paul Liller – 400

4th Ward

  • Jenny Selin – 1,044

5th Ward

  • Danielle Trumble – 755
  • Tony Setley – 367
  • Marly Ynigues –  312

6th Ward

  • Dave Harshbarger – 975
  • Write-in – 395

7th Ward

  • Brian Butcher – 804
  • Ben Mayle – 608

Referendum to extend council terms

  • Yes – 947
  • No – 495

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