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Despite claims to the contrary, Joe Biden a centrist, moderate president

We have to laugh every time we hear (or read) someone call President Joe Biden a “radical leftist” or “socialist” or “far-left extremist” or whatever the watchword of the day happens to be.

Biden is so extremely center that actual leftists despise him. Just not as much as they hated Trump.

Biden has received flak from progressives since the day he secured the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. And we’re not even talking about the self-identifying “democratic socialists” that make up Sen. Bernie Sanders’ base or Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fans — we’re talking about people who consider themselves center-left but are still further to left than Biden’s dead-center.

How preposterous is it to claim that the current president is an ANTIFA-loving, socialism-promoting, liberal extremist?

Actual far-leftists and anarchists in Portland, Ore., burned one of his campaign flags, vandalized an ICE federal building and trashed the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters on Inauguration Day in protest of his presidency, according to reports from The Washington Post.

Perhaps it is this dislike for Biden — ranging from a mild distaste to a pure and utter loathing — from everyone to the left or right of center that will finally bring us together as a nation; we might finally have something on which to agree.

And, to be frank, it’s his extreme centrism that makes Biden the right person to be the 46th president of the United States. Conservatives will never get everything they want from him, but neither will liberals. His boldest actions will be those taken to face crises — the pandemic, climate change, etc. — yet his policies will never go as far as the progressive wing of his party would like.

After years and years and years of increasing political polarization, having a president who takes the middle road is the reset button our nation needs.

No transformation is entirely painless. It’ll take us, as a nation, some time to move back from the far edges of the political spectrum. We’ll experience bumps and hiccups and growing pains. We’ll go through our phases where we fall in and out love with the country, and we’ll have our teenager moments when we just scream “I hate you!” at the White House and slam the proverbial door. Some of us will turn into — or continue to be — rebels, but most of us will settle in and become well-adjusted members of a democratic republic.

So the right can continue to petulantly hurl epithets like “radical” and “leftist” and “socialist” and the far-left can keep calling him a capitalist crony and chanting “not my president,” but none of it changes the fact that Biden is the president — and he’s going to be a moderate one at that.