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Area professionals share how to stay fit at home

MORGANTOWN — In the wake of COVID-19, the majority of Morgantown residents have taken up in their homes to self-isolate and self-quarantine.

Gyms are among the businesses the governor has asked to close.

It is important for those worried for their fitness to know how to bring gym practices into the potentially under-prepared spaces of their homes.

Jeff Giosi, owner, programmer and coach at Morgantown CrossFit, and his wife, Sarah Giosi, operations manager there, have several tips for those who wish to stay active and healthy during this period.

The Giosis “felt it was [their] social responsibility” to “preemptively close” the Morgantown CrossFit location and recently provided a list of 10 tips for staying active at home to those who listen to the couple’s Potential Podcast:

  • Find the middle ground
  • Reframe your situation
  • Focus on the opportunity
  • Keep your routines
  • Rethink stress and identify your stressor
  • Create a good environment
  • Practice self-care
  • Enjoy the things you’ve been taking for granted
  • Stay connected
  • Keep a good sense of humor.

In addition to providing the general public with these recommendations, the Giosis are offering free virtual workouts to anyone interested. The workouts will be at 10 a.m. Saturdays and will still be led by a coach. Virtual workouts can be found on the CrossFit Morgantown Facebook page.

Members at the CrossFit Morgantown location will be offered online workouts at home every day of the week.

Jeff Giosi had a few other recommendations to share with those wishing to remain active at home.

“Books [and] gallon [jugs] of water can be used as equipment,” Giosi said, providing advice to those who don’t have professional equipment at home. He suggested “being creative [and] making weights” as a way to maintain lifting routines without access to the weights used at the gym.

Giosi also said individuals should be “really, really focused on stress relief right now.” He will be hosting online 10-minute “yoga-ish” sessions for CrossFit members, although some of these sessions will be offered to the general public via the CrossFit Morgantown Facebook page as well.

“Working out is awesome,” Giosi said, “[but] thinking about nutrition … is more important.”

He advocated for heavy focus on what is being put into an individual’s body during this time. He suggested that health-conscious members of the community who are concerned about what impact self-quarantine might have on their bodies abstain from refined carbs and sugars.

“Stick to meat and vegetables, nuts, seeds, a few fruits, starch — [avoid] sugar,” he said.

For more information on online workout sessions, visit the CrossFit Morgantown Facebook page. To listen to the Giosis’ most recent podcast and read a more detailed version of the 10 Tips for Staying Active at Home, visit the CrossFit Morgantown official website.

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