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Maidsville woman arrested after assault with metal pipe

A Maidsville woman is facing malicious assault charges after allegedly striking a woman with a large metal pipe. 

According to the criminal complaint, deputies were dispatched to a domestic dispute at a residence on Mason Dixon Highway in Maidsville shortly after noon on Monday. 

The initial caller, who was later identified as Holly Louise Hinerman, 48, told dispatchers that she and another woman had been in a physical altercation where she had struck the other woman with a pipe. 

West Virginia State Police spoke with the victim at the scene who said she was assaulted by Hinerman while sleeping in the living room of the residence. She said Hinerman became aggressive toward her when she said she didn’t have a cell phone that Hinerman was looking for. 

Hinerman allegedly became physical and struck the victim with a large metal pipe on the victim’s shoulder and on the side of her right hand. Officers on scene noted observing bruising and redness in those areas. 

The complaint says the victim stated she had to “escort” Hinerman out of the residence by the hair and was able to remove the pipe from her and throw it into the yard.  

Hinerman affirmed the allegations when questioned by police, the complaint said. 

The pipe was recovered from the yard by police, who said it measured approximately 23 inches long and weighed around 2 lbs. 

Hinerman is charged with malicious or unlawful assault and is being held at North Central Regional Jail on $10,000 bond. 

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