Ducain to release reimagined version of James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’

Mon Hills Recording artist Ducain is set to unveil new music on June 11, with a captivating cover of the timeless James Taylor hit, “Fire and Rain.”  

This reinterpretation marks the first release in 2024 from the acclaimed band. 

“Fire and Rain” stands as an iconic piece in the American popular songbook, recognized globally as one of James Taylor’s definitive songs. Ducain’s reimagination breathes new life into this classic, infusing it with the essence of Alt-Country and Southern Rock. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts such as The Allman Bros Band, The Black Crowes, Blackberry Smoke and Marshall Tucker, the band’s unique sound and influence resonate throughout this fresh interpretation. 

Lead vocalist Jeremy Sargent shares insight into the band’s creative process. “We aimed to select a cover that not only showcases our sound but also allows listeners to experience a familiar song in a new and exciting way,” he said. “After exploring various ideas, ‘Fire and Rain’ emerged as the perfect canvas for our vision.”  

Originating from the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia, Ducain crafts music that echoes the soul of the American South, where tradition and progress intersect. Themes of lost love, envy, family and redemption weave through their music, reminiscent of the region’s rich musical heritage, which has birthed talents like Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Kathy Mattea and Charles Wesley Godwin. 

Ducain’s arrangement blends elements of southern rock and country, with Sargent’s soulful vocals complemented by guitarist Austin Lewis’ dynamic riffs and solos. Anchored by the powerful rhythm section of drummer Jared Holley and bassist Rich Mills, the band delivers a signature sound that captivates audiences. 

Mon Hills Music Group serves as the professional arm of the West Virginia University Music Industry Program. The group provides a platform for emerging talents like Ducain to thrive. 

For more information on Mon Hills Music Group and Ducain’s latest release, visit monhillsrecords.com or ducainband.com.